About Us

Paws at Play has been proudly serving Vancouver’s westside since 2010. It was born from our passion and commitment towards exceptional service for Vancouverites and their canine pals.

We understand how important it is to hire someone who is caring, patient, trustworthy, and professional to look after your most cherished companions. 

At Paws at Play, we truly pride ourselves in being the reliable, dedicated and caring dog walking service that you and your dog (especially your dog) deserve. We are grateful for your trust in us to be part of their day! 

Meet The Team

Olu, Owner

Hometown (what brought you to Vancouver?): Born in Lagos (Nigeria), moved to Ireland then Glasgow and now Vancouver. This is home now.
Favourite quote: “The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion” Paulo Coelho.
May your choices reflect your hopes and not your fears” Nelson Mandela
Best advice you’ve ever received: Anything that costs you your peace is too expensive.
Seen binge-watching a show or reading a book: Binge watching a show…I’m trying to read more books.
Website visited most: YouTube.
Favorite ice cream: Butter Pecan.
I take my coffee: Occasionally. I’m more of a tea drinker 🙂
If I were a dog I would be: A Corgi.
I can usually be seen with: My headphones in listening to music or a podcast.

Steph, Team Lead, Dog Walker & Sitter

Steph has been professionally working with dogs since 2019. Experienced in obedience training and behaviour modification with positive reinforcement. When she’s not working you can catch her flying down cypress hill mountain on her skis or eating at Minervas!

Hometown (what brought you to Vancouver?): Born and raised in Sydney, Australia. My father is originally from Vancouver which allowed me to become a Canadian citizen. Reconnecting with friends and family and of course to enjoy the beautiful Vancouver weather.
Favorite quote: “Everything happens for a reason” – Greek Philosopher Aristotle
Best advice you’ve ever received: In order to get something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done
Seen binge-watching a show or reading a book: The Blacklist – Raymond Reddington is my favorite.
I take my coffee: I don’t drink coffee 🙂
If I were a dog I would be: A Border Collie. 
I can usually be seen with: My skis and my pink beats headphones…is a must!
Website visited most: YouTube – Police K9 take-downs would have to be my favorite.
Favorite ice cream: I’m lactose intolerant so I will stick to the basic lemon sorbet.

Leanne, Dog Walker

Leanne is always excited to get to go out and spend quality time with all the pups and somehow, she always has a smile on her face!
Hometown (what brought you to Vancouver?): Carlow, Ireland. A change of scenery and new opportunities.
Favorite quote: “The beautiful thing about life is that we will never reach an age where there is nothing left to learn, see or be.”
Best advice you’ve ever received: You will never be criticized by someone who is doing more than you. You will only be criticized by someone doing less. 
Seen binge-watching a show or reading a book: Depends on my mood.
An interesting fact about you: I’ve traveled to over 30 countries and I once lived with an Indonesian tribe in the jungle for a week.
I take my coffee: My favorite has to be vanilla latte!
If I were a dog I would be: A Chow chow. 
I can usually be seen with: A smile on my face. 
Website visited most: Reddit.
Favorite ice cream: Vanilla Caramel.

Jordan, Dog Walker

Jordan has loved and cared for doggies since he was a child, and owned a border collie sheepdog named Lexie. He loves being outdoors and when he’s not caring for dogs, you can catch him on the golf course or on the slopes!
Hometown (what brought you to Vancouver?): County Clare, Ireland. To try a different experience and make new friends.
Favorite quote: “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”
Best advice you’ve ever received: Never settle for less. 
Seen binge-watching a show or reading a book: The Sopranos… I am a huge fan.
An interesting fact about you: I ride motorcycles.
I take my coffee: Black
If I were a dog I would be: A Golden Retriever. 
I can usually be seen with: Some sort of hat on
Website visited most: YouTube.
Favorite ice cream: Strawberry.

Sofia, Dog Walker

Between working at dog kennels and growing up with German shepherds, Sofia has always had the need for dogs in her life. Having worked with a variety of breeds, Sofia is well versed in dog behaviour and knows how to adapt to their various needs and temperaments. With a blend of patience, reliability and energy, Sofia ensures that every furry friend receives personalized care and attention.
Hometown (what brought you to Vancouver?): Waterloo, Ontario. The mountains! And the ocean! I was ready for my next adventure.
Favorite quote: “But darling, we weren’t given these wild souls just to merely exist”
Best advice you’ve ever received: Be gentle with yourself. The love you give to others give to yourself too
Seen binge-watching a show or reading a book: 10 years later I finally got on the Game of Thrones bandwagon. And I’m obsessed.
I take my coffee: Black, but I’m a sucker for sweet cream cold brew. 
If I were a dog I would be: I think some kind of mixed breed. Maybe a golden x Great Pyrenees? 
I can usually be seen with: Sunnies on and headphones in

Website visited most: Spotify! Always looking for new music.
Favorite ice cream: Always takes me forever to decide. Ben & Jerry’s Half-baked is always a safe bet though!

What our Friends Say...

“We have used Paws at Play for the last 6 years. We are very happy with their service. Our dog cant wait for them to show up. I work from home some days and can’t get her out until the afternoon. I love having Paws as a backup for when I travel as well as I know that she will get some love during the day. The team are super responsive to requests to add or change times via text or email”

Jonathan & Willow

“My dog loves his times with Paws at Play and always is so happy when he walks with them. I feel great confidence with the walkers who have always gone above and beyond, even taking my dog to a vet appointment for me. Lovely group!”

Nancy & Xander

“Our Westie, Skye, has been a part of the Paws at Play family since she was 7 months — she is now 5 years old). Skye waits with excitement every other morning for Paws at Play to arrive and comes back from her walks happy and satiated. She often does a lap around the living to let us know just how much fun shes had! Their service is impeccable. Each walker is caring, enthusiastic and absolutely prompt and reliable. Paws at Play provides daily walk reports complete with the cutest photographs”

Stephanie & Skye

“”Lucy!” comes the call from the door. She leaps up and races to the door, wagging her tail a mile a minute. This is how happy our dog is when she goes out with Paws at Play. And when she comes home, she is happy and tired: what magic! We appreciate the team for being wonderful, dependable, and for taking such amazing care of her. Thank you!”

Teresa & Lucy

“We have been with Paws at Play for 2+ years now and we couldn’t be any happier with their services, and wonderful kindness and relationship with our dog!! She is ecstatic to see them when they come to collect her for her outings, which are fun, stimulating. and give her great exercise! I know she’s in good hands when she’s with her fur friends at Paws at Play. I always look forward to receiving their daily report and photos!”

Hedy & Sally