We give you peace of mind knowing that your canine companion has a consistent routine of exercise, stimulation, and attention while you are at work or away.  
Our services include: 
  • 60 & 90 minute Group Walks through the plethora of trails at Pacific Spirit Park. Morning or afternoon. 
  • In-home Sitting, so your dog (and/or cat) is comfortable while you are away, and
  • Relief Breaks, which are great for puppies and seniors. 
Looking for other options? Perhaps day-sitting, weekend walks, cat visits & help with senior dogs? We would be happy to connect! Gift certificates available. 
Contact us today for more information. 


Group Walks

Walk / Train Programs (cancelled)



Private Walks

In-home Dog Sitting

Drop-off Services

All Day Walks

At Paws at Play Dog Walking, our goal is to have a positive impact on your dog’s life. 

We reinforce the basic obedience commands (sit, lie down, stay, come, heel) and promote good leash manners, as well as, provide your dog with a healthy and fun outlet for their excess energy! 

We ensure the safety and well-being of your dog every time we head out to the park. 

Private Walks

This option is ideal for unsocial dogs, dogs with health issues, or for senior doggies. 
For 30 minutes – $37 (weekdays), $52 (weekends)

Large Group Walks

4 to 6 dogs for a 60-minute walk through Pacific Spirit Park. Your dog will get the chance to socialize, exercise, and sniff to their heart’s content. 
For 1 hour – $34

Relief Breaks

This service is provided midday or afternoon and includes potty breaks, refreshing food and water, light grooming, playing in the yard or a quick leg stretch around the neighborhood, and lots of love and affection! Great for puppies or older dogs. For 10-15 minutes – $28

All Day Walks

For those doggies who have lots of energy! Both morning and afternoon group walks with the option to relax with the walker at lunch (water provided) or to be dropped off at home in-between. Two walks in a day – $60 

In-home Dog  Sitting

This service is perfect for weekend getaways or *longer periods of time where you want your dog to feel comfortable in their own home!
Regular overnights  – $88 (group walks included)
* This service is available only for existing customers and subject to staff availability. 7 days maximum. Please contact us to request this service.

Drop-off Service

Complimentary drop-off’s at the vet or groomers, for regular clients.


For each pooch (and corresponding human) that you refer, that regularly walks with us, you will receive a complimentary walk to show our appreciation. 

Vancouver Dog Walking neighborhoods currently served include:

Kerrisdale, Kitsilano, Point Grey, Dunbar, Oakridge, Fairview, Mt. Pleasant, Shaughnessy, South Cambie, Mackenzie Heights, Arbutus Ridge, Quilchena, The Endowment Lands and South Granville. Please note, we do not service the downtown area and would be happy to make recommendations!

What our Friends Say...

“We have used Paws at Play for the last 6 years. We are very happy with their service. Our dog cant wait for them to show up. I work from home some days and can’t get her out until the afternoon. I love having Paws as a backup for when I travel as well as I know that she will get some love during the day. The team are super responsive to requests to add or change times via text or email”

Jonathan & Willow

“My dog loves his times with Paws at Play and always is so happy when he walks with them. I feel great confidence with the walkers who have always gone above and beyond, even taking my dog to a vet appointment for me. Lovely group!”

Nancy & Xander

“Our Westie, Skye, has been a part of the Paws at Play family since she was 7 months — she is now 5 years old). Skye waits with excitement every other morning for Paws at Play to arrive and comes back from her walks happy and satiated. She often does a lap around the living to let us know just how much fun shes had! Their service is impeccable. Each walker is caring, enthusiastic and absolutely prompt and reliable. Paws at Play provides daily walk reports complete with the cutest photographs”

Steohanie & Skye

“”Lucy!” comes the call from the door. She leaps up and races to the door, wagging her tail a mile a minute. This is how happy our dog is when she goes out with Paws at Play. And when she comes home, she is happy and tired: what magic! We appreciate the team for being wonderful, dependable, and for taking such amazing care of her. Thank you!”

Teresa & Lucy

“We have been with Paws at Play for 2+ years now and we couldn’t be any happier with their services, and wonderful kindness and relationship with our dog!! She is ecstatic to see them when they come to collect her for her outings, which are fun, stimulating. and give her great exercise! I know she’s in good hands when she’s with her fur friends at Paws at Play. I always look forward to receiving their daily report and photos!”

Hedy & Sally